How would you rate your confidence level?

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How would you rate your confidence level?

My fellow Haitians,

I wanted to pose a question to all of you today: How would you rate your confidence level these days? As a nation, we have endured so much hardship, tragedy, and suffering. The devastating 2010 earthquake shook us to our core and its aftereffects are still felt today. The political instability and poverty persist, and the future still feels uncertain.

In the face of so much struggle, how confident do you feel about yourself and our country’s future? Do you feel a sense of hopelessness or are you resolute in your belief that Haiti will progress? For some, the daily toil to earn a living and provide for loved ones may sap confidence and strength. For others, their religious faith or sense of duty to family and community may buoy them up.

I know that our confidence cannot be boiled down to a simple rating or number. But reflecting on how we view ourselves and our capacity to improve our lives is an important exercise. Only when we believe in ourselves will be able to work together to lift up our fellow Haitians and build a brighter future for Haiti. So I ask you again, how would you rate your confidence level? If it is wavering, what can we do as a community to support each other? Together we are strong and together we can make progress, but it starts with each of us and our belief in ourselves and each other.

Your voice matters.

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