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New Listing

New Listing !!!

N.B. 80% de nos offres ne sont pas affichées en ligne. Contactez nous pour une meilleure référence. .☎️ 🇭🇹 37293482 🇺🇸 5612854060

A vendre A Torcel  Building commercial de 10 espaces de bureau ayant un restaurant equipe , un bar, 8 espaces de bureau et 6 toilettes, parking interieur pour 8 vehicules, parking exterieur 6 vehicules, espace pour gardien et une toilette.

Offre # 1 

Maison de 3 chambres @ coucher , 2 toilettes,  salon, salle @ manger

Parking pour 4 voitures.

Zone : Puits Blain 

Prix : 210,000 us 



Offre # 2 

A vendre 

4 appartements de 2 cc, 2 toilettes, salon @ manger, cuisine, espace pour personnel de soutien, reservoir individuel, parking pour 2 voitures par appartement

Zone : Route de Frere, Petion-Ville

Prix : 500,000 us 



Offre # 3 

A vendre 

Maison de 3 cc, 2 toilettes, salon, salle.@ manger, cuisine

Zone : puits blain 

Prix : 225,000 us 



Offre # 4

4432 m2 de terrain A vendre A Tabarre 

Prix par m2 : 150 us

Offre # 5 : 

A vendre @ Pernier 

3 carreaux de terrain



Offre # 6 : 

Maison de 4 cc, 4 toilettes, salon , salle @ manger, cuisine, dependance sur 12 centiemes de terrain

Prix : 300 000 us

Zone : pernier 17.



Offre # 7 : 

Maison @ vendre A Montagne Noire : 

3 cc, 2 toilettes, salon, salle @ manger, cuisine 

Parking pour 2 vehicules 

Prix : 350,000 us


Offre # 8 

Superbe maison @ vendre A Puits Blain :  11 cc, 11 toilettes, salon, salle @ manger, cuisine, parking 11 vehicules . 


OFFRE # 9 

Maison @ vendre A Marin : 

5 cc, 4 toilettes, salon, salle @ manger, cuisine, espace pour piscine, parking pour 4 vehicules


OFFRE # 10 

Maison @ vendre A Santo :  4 cc, 3.5 toilettes, salon, salle @ manger, cuisine, grande cour,  dependance, parking pour 4 vehicules

Et autres offres disponibles : 

Maison A Delmas 31 ( vente) , maison  de 7cc , 7 toilettes A Delmas 75 ( location) , 5 carreaux de terrain @ Anse A Pirogue,  espaces @ louer A Torcel ( 15 espaces de bureau) , espaces pour depot ( Tabarre) , maison non meublee @ louer A Belvil ( 4cc , 4 toilettes, salon, salle @ manger, cuisine, piscine) et autres .

Pour infos 

Haiti : ☎️ 🇭🇹 +509-3729-3482. 🇺🇸561-285-4060  #bestonehaiti #haitirealestate #haiti

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Buying a Home in Haiti , Finding Hidden Treasures.

Buying a Home in Haiti , Finding Hidden Treasures.

As a real estate buyer, you have a tremendous opportunity for finding great deals if you look on our page . There is a lot of talk by real estate professionals and real estate writings about curb appeal. It is widely known that improving the curb appeal on a house can get you an extra $10K-$20K+ when you sell your home. This also means that there is an opportunity for home buyers to save $10K-$20K+ when you buy a house with less curb appeal.

When looking for a house with less curb appeal this does not mean to look for a run down house. It means to find a house that with a very small amount of work or money can be greatly improved. By looking for a house with less curb appeal and improving it, you can afford a house more expensive then you would be able to afford otherwise, and you can gain instant equity in your new home.

There are some things that you should avoid unless you are looking to do a total remodel project. Items that you may want to avoid are problems with the windows, electrical systems, plumbing systems, foundations, roofs, or floors. Be sure to have a trustworthy inspection who will alert you of any more serious problems.

If you want to find a really great deal and are willing to do a little work, click here . If you find a property that is less then appealing, but structurally sound, you may have found a hidden treasure.

Contact us TODAY

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Christian C.




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Buying A House With Resale Value in Mind @bestonehaiti

Buying A House…..

It’s one of our biggest investments and some of us are doing it more than once during our life.

Like many things in our life that have changed dramatically, so did our habitation practices. Most of us don’t stay in one house for the full duration of our lives as it used to be for many people in previous generations.

Our modern dynamic life style and economy, calls for flexibility, mobility and frequent changes, People are following their jobs and careers even if it means moving from one side of the nation to the other.

This tendency is in line with our culture of consuming society. We replace everything faster, we treat cloths, cars (some just lease), refrigerators and our dwellings like fashion items with short longevity.

When we decide to buy a house we need to think in terms of sort to medium range periods of time and that should bring us to consider the resale value of our home in the future.

Buying a home with good resale value might take a little longer, and it might take a bit more work on your part, but you’ll love the payback later, when it sells quickly and puts extra money in your bank account.

The first consideration should be your family needs but it’s cleaver to keep an open mind about what might suite future buyers as well.

The most important three factors are: location, location and location… 🙂
Indeed, it’s first thing to consider when looking for a home. So, what makes a good location?

There are some general elements which are obvious like:

– Does the neighborhood have easy and fast access to the schools, shopping centers and etc.

– It’s wise to pick a house that is located relatively elevated above the area, that can provide two advantages: a flow of good air and a nicer view.

– How many neighbors are adjacent to you and/or across you in proximity, off course the less the better.

– A house located at the end of the street will suffer less noises from the neighbors and their guests. If the street is a dead end it’s even better. A corner house may have more light and air.

– The size of the lot, its shape and the square footage of the house itself.

– There are many other environmental aspects to consider with respect to
personal preference like a green agricultural area vs. urban area and more ….

In addition to these external considerations there are many important internal elements that can make a house quality higher and buyers are always looking for, such as:

– Closets, lots of closets and with as much additional storage space as possible.

– Light and bright – Homes with lots of natural lighting are very popular.

– Split bedroom plans, with bedrooms on each end of the home, are increasingly popular with buyers.

– If you live in a scenic area, having a view can help you sell.

– Plenty of bedrooms, baths and Rest rooms.

– Large and convenient kitchen with as many cabinets and cooking space as possible.

– The tendency to work from home calls for a suitable room to be set as a home office.

– Laundry and dryer machines located at the same level as the bad rooms.

– A spacious yard space  is a plus.

Features to avoid

– One-bath homes sell for significantly less than homes with at least two baths and they take longer to sell.

– Tubs and showers in outdated colors, or scratched from years of improper cleaning, might not help selling .

Your first objective is to buy a home that’s right for you, but do consider its resale value before you make the final decision, especially if you know you’ll move again within three to five years. A careful purchase now will help give you extra funds to move up with the next time you buy a home.

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Christian C.




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Haiti’s Long Stay Accommodation provider.

Haiti’s Long Stay Accommodation provider.

As Haiti’s leading apartment accommodation provider, Best Seller Haiti offers a selection of long-term rental options for stays of more than 28 nights, making the choice to stay for longer an easy and affordable one. Perfect for corporate travellers looking for a central city base and holiday makers who want to stay on for an extended period of time. Best ONE Haiti

This Room Comes with :
✔️a 42-inch LCD TV, ✔️one king bed,
✔️sofa bed ✔️ refrigerator. ✔️ breakfast ✔️ Gym ✔️Digital clock radio with MP3 player docking station
✔️Spacious desk with electrical outlet and ergonomic chair
✔️Complimentary high-speed internet access
✔️Direct-dial telephone with voicemail
✔️Refrigerator, mini-bar, coffeemaker and safe
✔️Premium bathroom towels and products
✔️Self-powered eco switch
✔️Dry cleaning and ironing
✔️Shoe shining
✔️Packing and unpacking
✔️Turndown service
✔️24-Hour room service
✔️In-room massages
✔️Wake-up calls
✔️Daily housekeeping
✔️Porter, bell and doorman service
✔️24-Hour security
✔️Whisky bar and terrace
✔️Spa ✔️Complimentary garage parking
✔️Outdoor swimming pool
✔️Fitness center / gym
✔️Multilingual staff (French, Creole, English, Spanish)
✔️Complimentary shuttle—daytime within Pétion-Ville area.

Contact Us : +50937786971

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Three things …to ensure a quick sell !!!!.

Quick sell tips
Hello Everyone ,
    Often wonder why some houses can have a number of showings after its first week on the market, and similar ones seems to be left with no attention? A quick sell of a house is common enough to be expected by home sellers, but rare enough to remain a phenomenon in the market. It’s really a question of readiness – the houses being sold quickly are more well prepared to accept a new resident. Surely price and location is the major reason a house can appeal to home buyers, but there’s also more than meets the buyer’s eye. Here are some quick sell tips to make sure your house reaches that contract as soon as possible.
(a) Get a top-quality,  real estate agent. Sounds obvious, but the better qualified your agent is, the more experienced they are and the more guarantee that your house can be a quick sell. Click Here to find your agent
(b) Play the role of a buyer. Observe your house in the eye of a potential customer. Is there anything you see that makes you think “This is good, but it looks like they’re still working on that…”? Ask your friends or neighbors to do the same if necessary.
(c) There’s one sure-fire tip to get your house quickly noticed, and that’s putting it on  the heaviest advertising platform FOR FREE @betonehaiti  & . So many houses are being sold daily, how do you make sure the buyers would even see your home? Quick selling houses are results of excellent marketing skills.
(d) Offer incentives. When it’s time to take any means necessary, start negotiating extra perks to your buyers to lure them even more. A closing-cost help, for example, would motivate the buyers to speed up the decision to buying your house.
(e) When all else fails, and you’re starting to get really desperate, you might want to try renting your house. Afraid of never getting it off your back? Discuss with the renters that your initial need is to sell the house. A rented house with an option to buy is also a good idea
Some would tell you that quick sells are by means of luck. Though this is inevitably true, waiting for luck will do nothing to speed up the process. “”Preparation, preparation, and preparation”” are the three things you most need to ensure a quick sell.
Text/ Call : +509 3778 6971
Christian C.
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Buy or Rent

Buy or Rent ?

Hi,  Here is some of the most important decision you will make in your life , and the questions are.

Should you buy or rent? It depends on your circumstances, and the real estate market where you are going to live. Years ago, I sold a home for a young couple who owed almost as much as the sales price on their house. They needed to take money from savings to pay the closing costs and sales commission. You can bet that they wished they had rented for the couple years they lived there.

This brings up the first thing to consider when comparing buying versus renting: the amount of time you’ll be there. Buying and later selling a home will usually cost about 10% or more of the value of the home. These costs mean that if the home only went up in value 10% or so in the year or two you lived there, you won’t be gaining anything (equity gain from principal pay-down is very little in the first years). You’ll often be better off renting if you’ll be in a town for less than a few years.

What about towns with faster rates of appreciation? Have you done some serious homework? If not, to assume appreciation will be more than the rate of inflation is just gambling. The sellers in the example above sold for the same price they bought the house for two years earlier – and this was in a decent and growing area. You can’t count on fast appreciation just because it has been that way recently.

To Buy Or Rent – Cost Comparison

Looking at buying versus renting, you have to take into account that in many places it cost much more to buy. In Delmas, Port-au-Prince, for example, a small home can cost $200,000. The mortgage payment, taxes, insurance and maintenance will add up to about $1,600 per month, but you can rent the same size home for about $800.

What does that mean? Many real estate fanatics will say you’re at least buying something for your money, and renting is throwing your money away. Of course in this example more than $1,000 of your payment will be going towards interest alone, and that’s not buying you anything.

Suppose you can afford the $1600 per month, but instead you rent for $800 and put the other $800 into a decent safe investment that makes you 5%? In three years you’ll have over $30,000 in this account. If the home appreciated at 6% per year (it has been more like 25% per year recently, but that can’t continue, and assuming so is not planning, but gambling), it would be worth $231,000. The costs of initially buying it and then selling it would be around $13,800 (2% buying and 6% selling), leaving you with a gain of about 19,000 once we include your principal pay-down.

In other words, you would be at least $11,000 better off if you rented and banked the difference. Every market is different, of course, so you have to do the math. Compare the total costs of owning versus renting, and then make safe assumptions about the rate of appreciation for homes.

If you’ll definitely be in one place for a long time to come, it will almost always be better to buy than to rent. In the last example, buying becomes a better bet after about four or five years. Also consider that if you get a fixed rate mortgage, your payment will never change, a benefit landlords won’t offer you that on your rent payment.

To sum up, look at the time you’ll be there, the comparison of total monthly costs, whether rents are going up fast, and whether you have good reason to believe home prices will be going up fast. Then look also at all the personal factors. Do you want to be responsible for the maintenance, yard work and unpredictability of ownership problems?

To buy or to rent? In the end, you have to work this one out by yourself.

Christian C. @bestonehaiti +50937786971

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Basics Of Home Buying

Hi Everyone ,

The most important investment you will ever make is probably the purchase of a home. Finding the right home for you can be a long and arduous process, but there is no getting around that.

Know Your Wants And Needs

Before embarking on your journey of house hunting, you must know what you really want to find. Sit down with pen and paper and list all the features you care most about, such as:

– Location (in a particular city,  or neighborhood)

– Size — how many bedrooms and bathrooms

– Parking — a 1-car garage or 2?

– Style — 2-story house or ranch style home or etc..?

– Air Conditioning — central  and/or air conditioning UNIT ?

Equally important, on a new sheet of paper list all the features you absolutely do not want in a house. For example:

– high-traffic area.

– high noise area (airport, or highway in close proximity)

– maintenance — major repairs needed

As you look at houses, keep both lists in mind. Your lists may change over time as you do more looking. You’ll want to add or remove features, or perhaps you’ll become willing to make compromises. Realize that you most likely will not find the “perfect” home. Experienced homebuyers will tell you, perfect homes are not found, they are made perfect through hard work.


Research Your Home-Buying Options

Decide what kind of property you are interested in. Do you want a  real estate, or property for sale by owner?

Visit these site to see pictures of homes,  and review the listing features.

Get Pre-Approved For A Loan

You’re ready now to find a lender and get yourself pre-approved for the loan. Being pre-approved offers a number of advantages. It will clarify the price range you can afford. Also, once you find the home you want, you can place an immediate offer. If you have to wait for pre-approval, someone could buy the house right out from under you.

Several special programs are often available from lenders,  that can save you money in the closing. Ask the lender about any special programs before you decide on a loan.

Find A Good Real Estate Agent

It is wise for the first time homebuyer to work closely with a real estate agent, no matter what type of property you’re looking for. A knowledgeable real estate agent will make your house-hunting much easier. A good real estate agent is usually a good negotiator, and will be able to help you with the complicated paperwork involved in placing an offer on a house or in closing a deal.

It’s essential that you have a real estate agent working for you as the buyer, rather than relying on the seller’s agent for the house you want to buy. The latter can involve a conflict of interest, which usually works to your disadvantage.

To select a real estate agent, you should check with your friends and neighbors for recommendations. Find an agent you feel comfortable with and who is knowledgeable about the area you hope to buy in.

These are just the basics of home buying. You will find many details you need to master as you move through the buying process, but having these basics under your belt will give you a head start.

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Christian C.

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